Lessons learned from parents who have been there.

Raising kids isn’t easy, but the most helpful advice can come from right next door. Join host Ivy Lassiter as she draws on her experience working with families and practical tips from some of the best experts – parents who’ve been there, too.

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Hey y’all, I’m Ivy. I’m the host of the For Parents Podcast, and I’m so glad you’re here!


I began my parenting journey in 2013, and I quickly realized parenting is a LOT of things – awesome, challenging, life-giving, exhausting, joy-filled and complicated. Like many new parents, I read all the books and went to a few classes, but the most helpful advice came from normal parents who had been there. Lucky for me, I have the unique privilege of working with families at my church, so I had a ton of great people to learn from.


These seasoned (but not perfect!) parents have shown me it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, but it also will be ok. After talking with other parents, I gain some perspective on today’s challenges and am reminded of the bigger picture.


Yes, my children will eventually sleep through the night.

At some point, they may sleep most of the day, too!

No, they won’t always have whiny meltdowns in public. 

Siblings will learn how to get along – and they may even end up lifelong friends. 

This list could go on…


In 2020, I started recording the conversations that I’d been having with families for years. None of my guests claim to have all the answers or have done things perfectly. But they’ve all experienced what worked and what didn’t. They reflect on what they’re glad they did and where they could have chilled out more. And each one of them shares wisdom in what they’ve learned along the way. I finish every episode feeling inspired and encouraged, and I hope you do, too!


So, pop in your earbuds and multitask while we talk about parenting stuff!


Ivy Lassiter


Do you have questions or just want more parenting tips? I’d love to talk with you!

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